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jogas [userpic]

Writer's Block: Everybody hurts

August 29th, 2011 (11:24 am)

Have you or a friend ever been bullied? How did you get through it?

Yes, I have been bullied. Middle school was the worst and then with high school came the petty drama that comes with having a boyfriend who was liked by other girls. I have been on the other end of bullying too, however, so I won't say that I am totally innocent. I would be surprised to hear someone say that they have never been bullied before in their life, because bullying takes shape in many different ways, some of which aren't so obvious. While it definitely shouldn't be part of growing up, I think it is. I would say that the best way to deal with that would probably be to inform children and adolescents about different ways to cope with bullying and set up programs to help those who are being bullied to the point of emotional trauma.

jogas [userpic]

(no subject)

January 2nd, 2008 (03:20 pm)

comment to be added. =]

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